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Useful Contact Numbers


         Fire: 119

         Emergency Ambulance: 120

         Telephone Directory: 114

         Telephone Repair: 112

         Earthquake Advisory Service: 2042691

         Police Station (Public Security Matters & Traffic Accidents: 110

Life Services:

Taxi Reservation:

    Tel. 96880

    Note: The feature color of Tianjin taxi is light green and it is available everywhere. So if you see a light green car which has a roof beacon, you may take it.

Transportation Inquiries:

   a. Binhai Airport: 86-22-24906363、86-22-24906364

   b. Tianjin Railway Station: 86-22-60536053

   c.Tianjin Tianhuan Coach station: 86-22-87612376?

Travel Agencies:

   a.Tianjin China Youth Travel Services, 36 Xi Hu Road, Nankai Distr., Tel: 86-22-27415533

   b.Tianjin China International Trading & Travel Service, 309 Nan Jing Road, Nankai Distr.,

Tel: 86-22-27311422

   c.Ctrip, online agency, http://www. english.ctrip.com

TJU Campus Shuttle Bus

   You can take campus shuttle bus at the main gate at cost of one Yuan. If you have extra baggage, you will have to pay an extra fee of another one Yuan. Tell the driver your destination, and the campus shuttle bus will take you anywhere on campus.